Memorial Pages

Brandi Bowman

Saying goodbye to our big beautiful Mal Brandi is one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. Unfortunately we only got to have you with us for just under 7 years but boy did we get to pack a full lifetime of adventures into those 7 years. rest easy

Chris Bowman and PatBowman
Patch Venning

Patch our boy the best and most loving blue heeler our faithful guard dog who touched so many hearts over the years sadly missed until we meet again on the other side love you always and forever.

Mark, Rae and Wilfred Venning.
Harlem Smith

In memory of our boy "Handsome Harlem", who brought immeasurable joy to our family ,friends and all children willing to engage in a game of fetch. Farewell to our beautiful companion who lovingly enriched our lives with his sweet and gentle nature.  

Brian & Christina Smith, Brandon & Adrielle
Angel Thompson

Our Angel girl. There are no words to describe the puppy shaped hole you've left in our hearts. You gave us your everything, everyday for 16.5 years, and we will cherish every moment for the rest of our lives. We will love you, forever & always Pupper.

Mum, Dad, Todd, Mel & Kriquet xxx
Brandine Hazell

My Princess, my angel, my darling, my babygirl, my bubba, my only girl: you are the reason this family started- it was always you and me against the world. You were always my girl ❤ You have always loved to run and chase balls. And you loved munching on your dentalstix. You will be missed enormously.

Charissa, Buddy, Floyd, Victa and Coal.
Errol Hazell

Errol was a much loved member of our family. He was our little black stealth ninja.
He always loved his food treat rewards for catching and killing mice.
He will be greatly missed.

Charissa, Brandine, Buddy, Floyd, Victa and Coal.
Fury Langdon

Fury was soft and gentle and yet all that the Malinois breed is. Demanding, super affectionate, athletic, possessive, addicted to Kong toys and her blue blanket that she liked to suck during thunderstorms. She was devoted to our family as we were to her.

Dave, Cindy Langdon. Holly, Dennis & Flynn Urena. Kate Langdon & Conor Murphy, Jedda & Penny ( her fur pack)
Devil Rule

Devil, you were one in a million. I love you with all my heart, and will miss you forever. Please visit me in my dreams.

Shea, Crash, Mini, Gremlin, Indy and Tigger.
Jeronimo-Patric, Jacky-Pata Walker

Yesterday was very sad day for all of us to let you go after 13 years, our beautiful boy. We had lovely journey with you, we shared, walks, meals and fun. We are grateful for your love Jacky and we will miss you and love you for ever.

Lil and Daz
Gordie Bron

I do not know where to begin nor how to thank Mary Valley Pet Cremation, for the care, love & respect shown to my beloved lad Gordie. I had to make the most heart wrenching decision to help my wee lad pass over on the 1st of December after 16 years of unconditional love.

His mummy
Dini Taylor

To my Beanie babe

Grief is so painfully real, regardless of its origin. The love of, and attachment to, a cat can equal that of human relationships. Likewise, the loss of a cat can be just as devastating.

Your loving mum

Thank you for sharing the full 18 years of your life with me. You were and always will be a crucial part of my life. Enjoy your travels my amazing companion.

Mal Potter
Tyson Collins

Tyson, Our best mate. You were such a big part of our family. We will miss everything about you. You brought so much joy to all of us. You were always there for us when we needed a cuddle. You will be sadly missed, never forgotten and always in our hearts.

Mum, Dad, Jake, Nick, Luke, Kira and Aidan
Beausen Lure Sugrue

You lived a life to the fullest and brought more love and happiness into our lives than you will ever know. The 15 yrs we had you here will never be enough. Every day is blessed by the memories we have of you. May you rest easy and be always in our hearts.

Jessie and Carolyn
Venus, Vicky Walker

Today we had to sadly say goodbye to our beloved Girl Venus . Thank you for all of your love and protection for these 12 years , was great to have a friend like you. We loveyou for ever sweetie.

Lil and Daz
Buffy O’Neill

Dearly loved friend and companion, great Supervisor and Queen of all she surveyed. Missed always.

Marilyn and Benjamin O’Neill
Kirby todd

To our ever loving Kirby boy gone but never forgotten run free my loyal friend

Adam Kim Addison and indigo
Zoe Pryce

Our beloved Zoe came to us from Australian Working Dog Rescue (AWDRI). Dumped because she could no longer work, she gave our family three years of joy. A worn out old girl, we hope we gave you the restful and contented retirement you deserved and we hope Doggie Heaven gives you the same, together with all your mates. We miss you so.

Hugh and Mary Pryce
Dolly Zerner

Our darling little girl, you were taken from us too soon. We were not ready for you to leave, neither were you ready to leave us and your newborn puppies. We were blessed with you in our lives and honoured by your love and devotion. Forever in our hearts.

Neville, Jenny, Naomi, Anna and Mia (fur mum), Izzie & Harry (fur siblings)
Lulu Sadeghi

In loving memory of Lulu, our sweet little girl. Your life was too short, but had a significant impact on ours. We will always love you. See you at the Rainbow bridge little one.

Shar Sadeghi and Warwick Trueman
Sharkey Power

Our Beautiful boy Sharkey, I miss you so much. You gave us so much love and happiness for almost16 years and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss your little dance you did at dinnertime, Until we meet again, I love you xxx

Debbie, Olivia and Bill

My beautiful Voodoo (black magic)
Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never at heart.
All my love

Diesel Royce Hansen

Our dearest Diesel, you were loved by so many and will forever be missed. You got to grow up with so many kids that loved you so much. You left a footprint on everyone’s heart. Until next time 💙

Love from your family 🐶
Midnight Johnson

You were a strong and resilient boy who beat the odds. Taken before your time but you will never be forgotten. You made a family love you endlessly. Even through your rebellious stage we loved you. You were cheeky but so loving. Fly high beautiful boy xxx

Lots of love, the Johnsons
Buster Davies

Buster was a very beloved family member. He was the protector of our family and impressed all who met him. The happiest and most friendly dog you would ever meet. We will miss you every day.

Mia watts

Was always called the great dog and much loved by our family and had a wonderful life on our Eumundi farm.

Jason and Maree watts
Chloe Robertson

Chloe my beautiful girl you had a heart of gold the very best this world could hold you're no longer by my side but are always in my heart until we're together again my dear friend I will miss you dearly xx

Nikki Day

Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance but never at heart. All our love our precious angel

Kelli(mum) Russell, Tara, Rylan, Indie, and Fee
Eva Jane Waters

13 wonderful years of love and loyalty, we miss you, in heaven with your sister Bella.

Graham, Colleen and Lilly (the teeny tiny poodle)
Kokoda Lee Marshall

Forever our baby merle girl.

Jasmine & Zachary Lee Marshall
Roxy Jackson

My sweet baby girl, You took a part of me with you when you left. For 17 years you were by my side now you are gone you will be forever in my heart.

Your Human Mumma
Beau Mill

Our special boy Beau, you were a gentle giant with a very loving, loyal nature. Always in our hearts 💕

Jennifer Mill

My sweet sweet baby, you made me so happy and somehow you managed to steal everyone’s heart. I guess we have to share you with others in heaven. There’s always a place for you at home, and in my heart. Love you. 

Hamish Watt

Much loved family member who will never be forgotten.

James, Megan, Alyssa, Jasmine and Isabella
Sox Jordison

Our beautiful soxy girl, went to doggy heaven today. She was loved by everybody and she loved everybody too. You are going to be missed so much baby girl.. run like theirs no tomorrow , no more pain for u.

Jordison family
Bronson Walker

Today we said goodbye to our beautiful Boy Bronson, you always put a smile on our faces, even today one of the most hardest day's the day we said goodbye you where so beautiful and full of love, now's it's your turn to rest up over the rainbow.

Love always Ned, Red, Bing, Shylo & The Kid's
Versace Drennert

Versace was our beautiful baby boy, he loved everyone unconditionally and will forever hold aspecial place in our hearts.

Mum and Dad
Shivers Waldie

Shivers or BOSS DOG as you were called at the end you melted everyone’s heart as soon as they laid eyes on you. You made so many people happy most of all our beautiful Jewel and myself we would have been lost without you we will love you always and forever.

Sean Waldie Jewel Waldie.
Rusty Carlos Nicolia

My Dearest Rusty, you gave so much love, happiness and joy to our whole family and every single person you met, sadly the time we shared was just never going to be enough, but RIP now, we love you, always & forever, xxx

Miranda, Rob, Clayton, Chelsea & Jessie (your daughter) 💜💜💜
Gypsy Walker

Today we said good bye to our beautiful Gypsy girl, you always know how to put a smile on our faces,even today one of the most hardest day's the day we said goodbye you where so beautiful and full of love & life now's your turn to rest up over the rainbow.

Love always Ned, Red, Bing, Shylo & The Kid's

Mijtzy was my mate and friend. Mijtzy was my support and strength. Sadly at the age of 15 yr her heart could no longer keep working. I will miss her greatly. I know she has gone to doggy heaven.

Ella Holland

Our beloved Pebbles, you were so gentle, always there by our side with a smile on your face. Your life was cut short. You will be sadly missed each day our darling.

Rowdy Russell

Rowdy was not our whole life, but he made our lives whole. We loved you for 12 amazing years and now miss you so very much rowdy.

Gayle, Joe, Missy (mum), Libby ( little sister)
Bingo Gamas Pearce

Always a part of our family. You will never leave our hearts . You have lived your life full of fun and nothing but love and protection for your little herd.

Jo, Nezzerrene, Eli, Georgia, Milly, Andrew.
Josh Henry Deakes

"If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all."'

Mum, Dad, Cait and Ang (humans) Miffy (deceased), Chloe and Frankie (fur siblings).
Chester Petrus

My beautiful, precious companion for twenty years, 

You gave me comfort and joy, love and devotion - sometimes tears. 

So many memories to hold within my heart and carry me through, 

As the journey of my life continues now - without you.

Ginger Jones

Loved friend and family member - We'll miss you buddy

Jones Family
Tweety Peterson

Fly high our sweet bird - up where you belong

The Peterson Crew