When the time comes, we will be there for you. Graphic Blue sky with Gold Star.

It is an honour to be considered to serve you in the last moments you share with your beloved pet. 

We, at Mary Valley Pet Cremation, bring you something precious – time.

This is deliberate because we understand that your farewell must take place in a way that reflects your relationship with your pet. Only you know that relationship so you have to be in control. 

Our role is to fulfil a specific task, which we perform with great care and respect. We provide this based upon your time table. With your initial contact, simply place a booking with an approximate time and address. Then, when that time comes, and you feel it is right, a simple SMS will prompt us to enter your property. 

When we arrive, we prefer you to introduce us to your pet. Sometimes this takes place in silence, and sometimes we get to learn and understand the closeness of the unique bond you have shared with your animal friend for so many years. 

Always aware, we take special care as you say your final farewell, and only when you are ready do we leave. 

Service area showing Zone 1 and Zone 2
Icon depicting a small dog in a handbag

Handbag size
up to 3 kg
Zone 1= $350.00
Zone 2 = $380.00

An icon depicting a large dog with a barrel on its collar.

Large size
up to 50 kg
Zone 1= $480.00
Zone 2 = $510.00

An Icon depicting a cat sitting on a person's lap

Lap size  
up to 20 kg
Zone 1= $450.00
Zone 2 = $480.00

For larger animals please contact us.

The Basic Package for MVPC

What we include

Our Basic Cremation Package includes:

•    Prompt arrival at the appointed time

•    Collection from your home

•    Respectful and Individual Cremation

•    One Standard Box

•    Return to your home or Vet Clinic
     (Limited Area)

•    Cremation Certificate with ink paw print

•    Lock of fur and name tag

•    One Free Memorial page on our website

The rolling green hill from the Mary Valley Pet Cremation Logo. I has a path in white running up the side of the hill.